d.Construct 2005 - 11th Nov, Brighton

d.Construct 2005 was the UK’s first grassroots Web 2.0 conference. It was an affordable, one-day event aimed at those building the latest generation of web-based applications. The event discussed how new technology is transforming the web from a document delivery system to an application platform. Internationally renowned speakers covered hot-topics such as Ajax, using the power of API’s and the future of the mobile web.

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Many thanks to Drew McLellan for his generous assistance with the audio.

The Speakers

What is Web 2.0 by Andy Budd

Andy Budd speaking User experience designer and upcoming author, Andy Budd, discussed how the web is moving from a document delivery system to an application platform. Andy attempted to define what Web 2.0 really means and looked at some of the technologies and applications making this transition possible.

DOM Scripting and Ajax by Stuart Langridge

Stuart Langridge speaking Web developer and author of DHTML Utopia, Stuart Langridge discussed the resurgence of JavaScript and how, combined with XML, Ajax is allowing developers to create a new breed of rich Internet applications.

Ajax and the Flickr API by Simon Willison

Simon Willison speaking Simon Willison from Yahoo!'s Flickr development team discussed the XML web services API that has lead to Flickr acting as a platform for other developers, and showed how the site itself makes use of the API with Ajax.

backstage.bbc.co.uk by Ben Metcalfe

Ben Metcalfe speaking Ben Metcalfe, Project Lead for the BBC's developer network backstage.bbc.co.uk, talked about how the corporation is encouraging and supporting grassroots developers who want to remix its content into their projects.

Web Everywhere by Tom Hume

Tom Hume speaking Tom Hume, Director of mobile design and technology specialists Future Platforms, examined and discussed trends in internet usage from mobile and handset devices. How come everyone in the UK is constantly online today? What's different about the mobile Internet? And where does this leave Bill Gates' vision of a PC in every home?

The state of the Art on the Flash Platform – by Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan speaking In this presentation, Aral Balkan, showed the state of the art in Web 2.0 development on the Flash Platform. The talk covered a brief history of Flash and the road we've travelled, where the Flash Platform is today with declarative UI design (eg. MXML in Flex), the Open Source Flash movement and the future of the Flash Platform on mobile.

The Remix Economy by Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow speaking Member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Cory Doctorow, discussed the history of copyright over the years and the effect it has played on innovation.